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Our Suppliers

Ideally this page would be in 3 columns for suppliers:

Vegetables            Dry Stores          Ingredients 


We  source all our ingredients as locally as possible, and from people and companies that adhere to the highest possible standards for food, the planet, and for their people too. 





Prioritises sourcing from the UK, including from local farms and their own fields. We can return our boxes and crates for re-use, and know exactly where our produce comes from thanks to their transparency. 


Drinkwater & Sons Ltd, Ebrington

Local fruit & vegetables, grown in the Cotswolds, or sourced locally wherever possible. They offer plastic free delivery as standard. 


Dry stores



A vegetarian workers co-operative since 1977, Suma is committed to ethical, sustainable sourcing and promoting organic ingredients. We can return our suma packaging and even our bulk cleaning bottles for reuse. We use their organic vinegar, sugar, flour, pasta, spices, and tofu to name a few.





Another vegetarian workers co-operative since 1977, Infinity is committed to ethical, sustainable sourcing and promoting organic ingredients. 



Our Ingredients

Montezuma is committed to the long term sustainability of cocoa plantations and the people and communities involved in cocoa. They genuinely assess and commit to reduce carbon footprint in all areas of business. 


British, organic stoneground flour from ancient wheat varieties, bronze extruded and slow dried at a low temperature, using green energy, and plastic free packaging. 


Locally grown lavender, only 5 miles from our kitchen. 



Zero waste policy includes reusing packaging wherever possible and running the factory on collected waste oil.



Champions in stimulating demand for ancient UK beans and pulses that are nutritious and good for soil and bees. 


SInce 1989 Impulse have been making traditional handcrafted organic tempeh in Somerset using the wholebean, starter culture, and nothing else. We use their “wonky” tempeh offcuts that would otherwise be wasted.   


Carley's make the best preserved lemons in the UK at their eco-factory purposely built with long term sustainability in mind and run on solar power. Biodegradable materials from production are composted and fed to wild flower beds that support native bees and butterflies.


They strive to ensure that every aspect of what they're involved in, from pod picking to package recycling, is as sustainable, ethical and conscientious as possible.