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Seasonal Surplus Potato Asparagus Lemon & Pea One Tray Bake

This week marked three important dates in the Dovebrook calendar. On Monday we had Earth Day, Tuesday was National Asparagus Day and Wednesday was Stop Food Waste Day. Here's a recipe that celebrates the humble potato- a food that is commonly thrown away and wasted because people often buy too many and don't know what to do with them. 

There are infinite possibilities with potatoes- they can be cooked any which way but we always love a one tray recipe and this one is a real winner! It requires minimal prep and all the ingredients can be thrown into the same baking dish. The asparagus season is now well under way and we can't get enough of the stuff. Our Dovebrook kitchen unit is just a stone's throw away from the Vale of Evesham where you will find some of the best asparagus grown anywhere in the world. We are thrilled to have this glorious vegetable grown so close by so we can have it at our fingertips whenever we want! 

At this time of year we try and experiment as much as we can with new asparagus recipes for Dovebrook as well as testing quick and easy recipes for you to make at home such as this one. One tray recipes are always a winner in our household, particularly when we want minimal washing up during the week. We hope you'll enjoy this one as much as we did. You can easily sub out the vegetables here depending on the season- tender stem or purple sprouting broccoli would work well in place of asparagus here, and capers would offer a salty umami alternative to the vegan feta. To bulk it out you could add a grain like spelt or quinoa and you could also add a pulse like butterbeans or chickpeas. Enjoy!



1kg of floury potatoes eg Maris Piper
2 lemons, quartered
4 garlic cloves, skins left on
1 bunch of asparagus, tough woody ends removed
150g fresh or frozen peas and/or broad beans
Several sprigs of fresh thyme
2 tbsp of olive oil
A generous pinch of sumac & chilli flakes
200g crumbled vegan feta
salt & pepper to taste
Large handful of seasonal fresh herbs eg basil, parsley, chives, dill


 Pre-heat the oven to 200C 180C (fan)

Cut the potatoes into bite size chunks and add to a large baking dish along with the lemons, garlic, thyme, feta and spices. Drizzle the olive oil over everything and toss well. Season with salt and pepper. 

Place in the oven and roast for 45 minutes. Meanwhile par-boil the asparagus for 3-4 minutes so it is still al dente.

After roasting and the frozen or fresh peas and/or broad beans along with the asparagus spears and roast for a further 5 minutes.

To serve, remove the lemons, squeeze the garlic from the skins and scatter each plate with lashings of fresh herbs. We used basil and parsley.