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Our kitchen building suffered a devastating fire and sadly, we cannot send any food out at present. It's heartbreaking. We are working hard to try and find a way through, and will keep you updated. If you are not already on our mailing list, please do sign up if you would like updates. Thank you to our wonderful and loyal customers, we appreciate you all so much. With all best wishes and much love, Eleanor and Shamim


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Sustainability is at the core of Dovebrook, and we are constantly looking for ways to improve and innovate. Producing delicious food to encourage our customers to include more plants into their diet is one part of our strategy, but alone it’s not enough. Building Dovebrook has given us the opportunity to make a lot of decisions we hope will have a positive long-term impact on our people, our planet, and our customers:
  • We are committed to 100% plastic free packaging for all our food.
  • We power our kitchens without using fossil fuels (no gas), and only use electricity from renewable sources.
  • We have fitted a large solar panel array over every available part of our kitchen's roof, which should generate around 50% of our electricity needs this year. 
  • With every box sold we make a donation to the Woodland Trust for UK tree-planting to offset our carbon footprint. 
  • We minimise food waste in our kitchen by using vegetable off cuts to make our own stock, garnishes, and by creating our award-winning  ‘Zero Waste’ Tagine using any excess vegetables we have at the end of the week.
  • We cook as seasonally as possible, and with ingredients that grown are as locally as possible for both flavour and sustainability reasons. Of course, one cannot grow everything successfully in the UK no matter what time of year it is e.g. some of the spices we use, lemons, sweet potatoes etc. So if we do have to use ingredients from further afield we source them as carefully as we possibly can, use them consciously, and avoid air freighted products at all costs. 
  • We pay all our staff more than the Real Living Wage, no matter their role.
  • We donate all our excess meals to charity via FareShare who use their network to distribute to more than 10,500 frontline charities and community groups.

By ordering from Dovebrook you are supporting all of the above, and making a conscious choice to have a positive impact on people and planet.