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Your questions answered

  • Is your food vegan?

    Yes, all our meals are 100% plant-based. No traces of dairy, meat, eggs or honey are contained in any of our meals.

  • Why is your minimum order £60?

    We use the most sustainable packaging we can find, and offset each order by planting 1sqft of UK woodland. If we had a lower minimum order, more of the money you spend (as a proportion of your order) would go towards packaging and shipping and less on the quality of the food. In that sense, it’s a bit like buying a bottle of wine, where the first £4.50 is spent on bottling and tax and the remainder of the price is what you pay is for the liquid itself. A little more spent per transaction allows for much higher quality overall. 

    We use the best ingredients we can find, we pay our employees fairly, and we are careful to only use other suppliers who do the same. We’re trying to build a business with the minimal possible footprint, and sending orders out in slightly larger sizes (avoiding multiple deliveries) helps us do that. 

  • How many people do the meals feed?

    We have two options. There are single and double portions available to purchase on the website. Both portion sizes are generous and you may even find the double size can comfortably feed three people!

  • How do you make the meals?

    Each meal that you receive has been lovingly hand-made by one of the talented chefs in our team led by head chef Addie, in our small kitchen unit in the North Cotswolds. The meals are immediately flash frozen after cooking so that we preserve and lock in all their natural goodness, nutritional value, great taste and texture.

  • How do I store the meals?

    Our meals will last up to 9 months in the freezer. After they have been cooked they will last in the fridge for up to 3 days.

  • How much freezer space do I need?

    Our meals are packaged as minimally as possible, which makes them smaller overall, and easier to store than frozen meals you might be used to. We don’t use bulky cardboard trays or sleeves. One average sized freezer draw can store 10 - 15 individual portions of our meals, or about 12 double portions.

    Most freezers should be able to hold a full box of our food in half a drawer with room to spare.

  • How should I dispose of the compostable bags?

    If you have a compost heap at home, you can put our bags into it and their organic matter will break down and make nutrient rich-compost.

    If you don't have a compost heap at home, please fill out the relevant box at checkout and we will send you a stamped addressed envelope, so you can return them to us, and we will do this for you, free of charge.

    Council policies vary on what is and is not accepted in food waste bins. Most will accept the bags as liners on the bottom of a food waste bin, but not mixed in with food waste itself. As councils become better at differentiating compostable materials from non compostable, we hope this will change.

  • Where can I find the cooking instructions for each meal?

    Most of the meals can be reheated in the microwave or oven and there are specific heating instructions for each meal on the label of the dish as you receive it and on the website.

  • Do I need a microwave?

    Ideally, yes. Most of our food reheats best using the Dovebrook Casserole dish (included with your first order) and a microwave. Oven cooking instructions are available on the website, if required. Using a microwave speeds up the reheating process and following our on-label instructions allows the food to warm quickly without overcooking.  

  • Where do I find ingredients, nutritional, and allergen information?

    Our allergens, nutritional information & ingredients are listed on the back of all our meals. You can also find all the info on our website.

  • Why is your food packaging just a compostable bag and label, why don’t you use a colourful box or sleeve?

    Many companies pack individual meals in colourful boxes with lots of print. This can look great, but once the food is eaten that lovely packaging is just another by-product. No matter how recyclable it might be, the tree still had to be cut down and processed, the cardboard created and transported, inks mixed and printed, and the sleeve cut and fixed to the box. Once you throw the sleeve away it must be pulped, reformed, and reprinted before it can be used again. These processes all cost energy, use resources, and release carbon.

    At Dovebrook we want to minimise our impact on the planet, and reducing packaging wherever possible is something we are 100% committed to. So we give you your food as it comes, in a simple home compostable bag, with the fewest possible by-products. We think our customers are sophisticated (and experienced) enough to know that colourful cardboard packaging is unrelated to the quality of the contents. And they would rather know they had minimised their impact on the world than have looked at some attractive packaging for 20 seconds. 

  • Are your meals organic?

    We try to source organic ingredients wherever possible and our main supplier is Suma, a wonderful vegetarian co-operative business who source all their ingredients from sustainable and ethical places. It isn’t always possible to ensure every ingredient we source is organic because we want to ensure the meals are affordable for our customers but we always ensure our ingredients, however obscure, are sourced responsibly.

  • What is inside each meal?

    Every ingredient you’ll find on the inside is clearly listed on the back of the packaging and on our website. We don't use any additives, preservatives, stabilisers or anything else artificial that you wouldn’t wish to put into your body- this is the beauty of flash frozen meals!

  • What allergens are present in your food?

    Dovebrook meals contain various allergens and each one will be clearly listed in bold on the ingredients list. Allergens that you will find in some of our meals include tree nuts, sesame, soya, mustard and gluten.

  • Where do you deliver to?

    We can deliver across the mainland UK with a few exceptions. Please contact us if you are unsure about delivery. To double check if we can deliver to your address follow this link, enter your postcode and check that Next Day Delivery service is available:

  • How long will it take to receive my Dovebrook box?

    We will dispatch your order the next working day via our 24hr courier service. e.g. Order Monday at 6pm, dispatched Tuesday, delivered Wednesday. We do not dispatch on Fridays unless you have opted for a Saturday delivery.

  • Do I have to be at home when the delivery arrives?

    No, we can deliver to your safe place or to a neighbour and the meal will stay frozen in the box for 24 hours thanks to our careful insulation method.

  • Is there a minimum order size?

    To qualify for free delivery, our minimum order is £60. If not, delivery is £7.95 (minimum excl. delivery £30)

  • Will the food arrive frozen?

    Yes, the food will arrive frozen and stay frozen in the box for 24 hours. Once the box is opened place the meals straight into your freezer.

  • Do you accept returns?

    Due to the perishable nature of the product we cannot accept returns, but if you are unhappy with any of the meals we will gladly refund you the cost of that individual meal.

  • Can you deliver to my office?

    Yes. Our courier partners can deliver to any UK address, though surcharges apply to some areas of The Highlands and Northern Ireland. 

  • Is your packaging recyclable?

    Our packaging is 100% home compostable, so no need to have bulky recyclable materials clogging up your recycling bin! Simply put the biodegradable pouch that the meals are wrapped in, in your food bin or in your outdoor compost. The only element that does need to go into the recycling bin is the cardboard box your food arrives in.

  • How much does shipping cost?

    Shipping is included when you spend £60 or more.